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What’s with insurance ads?

Why is it that, in the last couple of years, insurance companies suddenly seem to have entered into a competition to produce the funniest commercials?

For many years, insurance ads were staid, solid, and boring.  Geico seems to have started it with the Geico gecko, but the trend really got underway with their “caveman” series.  Personally, I think that series has now jumped the shark, but for a while they were really funny.

Then, we had Progressive and the Flo ads.  Some of them have been very entertaining, and I still have a crush on Flo.

Then, we had Farmers and the Farmers University ads.  “It’s an autoboathome!”  “Is that legal?”  “HA!  No.”  That series has gone into some pretty funny corners.  “You DO know this is just an exercise, right?”

Then, we had eSurance with their telephone support team.  Lower key, but still good personalities here.

My current favorite, though, is Allstate with the Mayhem guy.  Every one of those ads makes me laugh.  “I’m so busy with my LOLs and my BFFs that I didn’t see the C-A-R that I’m about to H-I-T.”  The new one, where he’s a raccoon, is another hit.

I’m not complaining, but I just think it’s fascinating that, suddenly, most of the innovation in television commercial comedy has migrated to the insurance industry.  Don’t you think?

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