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New Season of SNL

I watched the season premiere of Saturday Night Live over the weekend, with Amy Poehler as host and Katy Perry as musical guest.  Overall, I have to say that I was very entertained.

For me, the best skit of the night was “Bronx Beat,” a bit I always enjoyed.  Maya Rudolph came by for a cameo to join Amy this reunion.    What made this one great was the appearance by Katy Perry as a 16-year-old girl who had “blossomed” over the summer, wearing an Elmo t-shirt that barely covered her assets.  This resulted in the best line of the night: “Looks to me like this episode was brought to you by the number 38 and the letters double D!”

The “Mosque at Ground Zero” commercial was also great.  I was watching in horror, thinking about the nasty letters they were going to get.  When they went to the “it could happen — paid for by the Republican National Committee”, I just about busted a gut.  Great stuff.

The closer for Weekend Update had Fred Armisen doing his great imitation of New York Governor David Paterson, only to be interrupted by the REAL David Paterson.  Watching the two of them side by side was great entertainment.  Paterson made a good case, with just enough of the craziness that makes him such a good target.

One of the new “featuring” cast members, Jay Pharoah, did a spot-on imitation of Will Smith during Weekend Update.  If he has the same kind of imitative talent as Fred Armisen, we should have some really entertaining episodes in the future.

I like Katy Perry, so I was looking forward to her performances, but I thought California Gurls didn’t work nearly as well as it does in the video.  Her voice didn’t have that same lush, rich quality that I like in her recordings.

I don’t understand what it takes to graduate from the “featuring” section to the “regular” section.  Abby Elliott graduated this season, but Nasim Pedrad did not.

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